Что я узнал от мужчин в моей жизни, которые женщины часто пропускают (даже после 50)

reality of stepping out there after a long hiatus – whether you’re divorced or widowed – is anxiety-producing.
But what I’ve learned about myself and about men couldn’t have been experienced

knows what you’ll glean from an hour or two (or 45 minutes, in a few cases)
over coffee, a glass of wine or dinner?

this is a good thing. Healthy, and perhaps even a tad heartwarming.

fun, too.

my encounters with men, whether male friends or dates, have been enlightening.
So, here are some of the things I’ve learned, in no particular order.

still painful, getting rejected,” a friend of mine, who’s dated widely and
works the room (as I call it), said recently. “Especially if you think you’ve
read all the signals. You never get used to being rejected.”

he really saying
clueless” guy>a second chance. Second
dates allow a man to relax and focus more on getting to know you.

If a man is into you, he wants to spend time with you. This
goes for male friends as well as those interested in dating you. Your friends
not only value you, they’ll be there long after your latest two-month
relationship has fizzled, so cherish the friendship.

Men aren’t the pleasers we women are. There are times I
don’t say no when I should, volunteer for projects or activities I have little
interest in – and resent it
later. Men don’t seem to have this problem. This is not a scientific survey and
comes from my experience. Do you find it true?

Often, while we’re pursuing productivity and the
occasional drudgery of our daily lives, we forget to show the men in our lives
how much we appreciate them. And I don’t want to take anyone in my life for

Acceptance is great quality and, when it comes down to what’s important in life, we all have room to be more open and accepting toward those we love and value.

Do you think that even after 50, women are just missing some of the things about men? Men are sensitive, men love appreciation… Do you agree with some of the statements in this article? Which ones? Please share below and let’s have a conversation!

Let’s Have a Conversation!

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