How do I know whether my husband changes?

Man by nature is capable to commit thoughtless acts. But well, if they are harmless and do not carry over is all sorts of consequences. Yielding a passing fancy, a man can go for treason. How to check if your honest choice in front of you, and if he had not happened to the novel side – read our publication.

Frequent delays on the robot, without replenishment of the family budget and improve – could be a sign of infidelity of her husband. Watch the pious and try to carry out some checks.

How do I know whether my husband changes?

How do I know whether my husband changes?

perfunctory inspection

Sometimes it is enough to pay attention to details. The man suddenly begins to carefully monitor their appearance, you will come across strange things in his clothes. If this is not observed previously, then in his entourage appeared person, he wants to please. Well, the obvious signs: scratches on the body, traces of lipstick, cosmetics, smell another woman’s perfume.


The old way of checking the spouse to lie. He acts proven, based on a sense of conscience. Before going to bed, told her husband that check its loyalty to the method girlfriend. After that, soak his underwear, adding potassium permanganate (in his absence). Tell partner that if he had an affair on the side – the water turns pink in the morning (for he does not know the potassium permanganate). Test the water in the morning, if it is clean, then replaced her husband, so he has something to hide.

Traditional methods

It is known at all times the way. Wait for a loved one with the work, how late he would not come. At the meeting, tell him how you are alone and you need warmth and affection, that is, to persuade him to execution of marital debt. If it day after day, refuses to have sex because of fatigue, that is a reason to think.

Lie detector

Trouble-free way to expose half a lie. A man with nothing to hide from it will not give up. But consider that after such checks, relationship discord, because trust – a fragile thing.

Social networks

The Chosen One is inseparable from the phone, sits permanently in social networks? Sign a page under an assumed name, add photos and friends. But do not hurry, yet it will not appear in this profile. Then write to her husband. If he meets you then ready to relationships on the side. Communication can continue and go to a meeting, to bring it to clean water.

Spy game

A favorite way to check the spouse of Hollywood movies. Disguise so that her husband did not recognize you and track its delay at work, or urgent matters. Try that he did not see you, otherwise you will be embarrassed, and your trust relationships will be dispelled like smoke.

Check possible indefinitely, but is there any sense in this and in a life together? Especially because the test may give different results, and because, as they say, is not caught – not a thief. Wife and without checks able to feel the deception, aloof spouse. And only then it makes sense to take some action.

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