How to get rid of sweating?

How to get rid of sweating?

Despite the fact that sweating is one of the important functions of the human body, it can sometimes cause a lot of inconvenience, especially the surplus. Stains on clothes are made to feel uncomfortable.

If you noticed that the body was sweating heavily, be sure to consult your doctor, because it may be a consequence of the use of any drugs.

If health is all right, and sweating continues – there are as many as 6 of methods to combat it! And we are happy to share with you these super-agents!

1. antiperspirant at night

Yes, you are not mistaken, it was bedtime. Dermatologists recommend done it before going to sleep, because for the revitalization of the antiperspirant it takes time when you do not sweat. It is applied only on a clean and dry surface and feels comfortable all day!

2. Carry a handkerchief

Use it before you touch someone or shake hands, not to share its “moisture” (it is unlikely someone will like).

3. Wear clothing purged

To decreased sweating, opt for natural and light fabrics, in which the skin will “breathe.” Also, pay attention to the clothes with patterns and multi-layered images, they stank spots invisible. Light colors reflect the sun’s rays fabrics, including not give excessive sweating.

4. Give up the spicy food

Can provoke sweating foods such as hot peppers, garlic and caffeine. Do not lean on them if you do not want to have traces of sweat on clothing.

5. Choose lightweight shoes made of natural materials

This will help not only your legs to sweat in it, but do not have an unpleasant odor.

6. Get rid of harmful habits

Specialists in this field argue that the sweating is enhanced by the use of alcohol, obesity and smoking. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you will not sweat.

Consult a physician if you have excessive sweating and use these simple tips for a comfortable life without sweat!

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