How to kiss?

One of the most enjoyable and exciting actions is to kiss. And if it happens for the first time, then it brings a flurry of emotions. Kissing in such a way as to give pleasure to yourself and your partner is a simple matter and is available to everyone. You need to approach him with a special mood and feelings. And in order for the practice to be beneficial, we thoroughly research the theory.

1. If you did not have practice at all, then for a start it is better to practice. Take a tomato or something like that. Touch the subject with your lips with different pressure. Try the different movements that you expect from a partner and imagine.

2. Be sure to refresh your breath before a kiss. Relax, free your thoughts and look your man in the eye. Say something nice and at the right moment, slightly approach the face of your partner. Run a hand over his cheek or back, you can take by the hand. Such actions are a signal for a kiss, so watch his behavior. A man usually takes matters into his own hands and kisses. But if not, then his reaction is that he does not turn away and does not hide his eyes – already means that he is ready for this.

3. Start with short kisses. Lightly touch your partner’s lips or cheeks. So you better relax with him and tune in to continue.

4. Next – the classic kiss, as well as possible will continue the short ones, differs from them only a little by a larger opening of the mouth. Such a transition is natural and laid-back.

5. After, try a French kiss. Here language comes into play. You need to start with light touches to the language of the half, gradually “deepening”. Do not overdo it if you do not know the partner’s preferences.

6. Diversify your kisses. Add color by nibbling and sucking your partner’s lips.

7. You need to finish the kiss gradually and gently. After graduation, stay a little longer in the arms of your soul mate and enjoy the fullness of emotions. This conclusion will be a pleasant imprint in your souls.

8. To understand how a man liked your kiss, pay attention to his reaction.

How to kiss

How to kiss

A kiss will always work out right if you have feelings. And to turn it into magic, without spoiling the tension and mechanical movements, only love will help!

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