How to quickly grow hair?

Everyone, without exception, men like long hair girls. But what if your hair is short, and they had grown to need long to wait? Top Tips to activate the growth of head of hair we have gathered in this article!

proper nutrition

About 90% of the hair made of keratin (protein). Accelerate their growth and help make a strong addition to the food more protein.


Pharmacies provide many complex vitamins for hair. Give preference to B vitamins, calcium, zinc, magnesium and copper in the composition. Also, many of them containing dark chocolate.

Shampoo with keratin

About keratin we mentioned above. In addition to filling the protein body from the inside, are also used shampoo to strengthen hair. The choice is made in favor of the professional tools line.

Striga tips

Grow long hair prevent posechennye and damaged ends. This does not mean that we cut need a lot and often. The main thing regularly, every 3-5 months. In addition, add in hair care agents for “sealing” ends. They do not restore the damage and prevent their appearance.

Head massage

Take regular gentle massage of the head, which improves blood flow hair (you can wash in time). This procedure helps to speed up the growth of head of hair.

Give up styling tools

Inexpensive means of such areas are composed of harmful polymers, which are badly washed from the hair. Consequently, they are accumulated on the scalp and prevent saturation of oxygen to the cells, which leads to thinning of hair.

silk pillowcase

During sleep, silk does not damage the hair, promotes its luster and prevent cross-section, unlike cotton bed linen.

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