How to quickly switch your mood? The secret of a good mood.

At first glance, a simple and uncomplicated sentence: “Quickly switch the mood.” On this subject there is much talk, philosophize and rant. But in practice, in reality, can each possess this skill?

From my experience it turned out, no. This tremendous work on himself. You need to transform your perception of the world. Perception of themselves. Make an effort to work with the habits. Only in this case the art work. And work on your habits are not everyone’s strength, so many people walking around constantly to seminars, read books … but to do something lazy. From such people hear: “Yes, nothing works. All this is nonsense. ” Well, you have to somehow justify their laziness.

Try to practice? Do you mind?

Smile now.


If you have a good mood, then yes. And if you’re on the verge of collapse?

You ran the thought: “Well, it began: smile, jump and life will change. Kindergarten, complete nonsense. ” And for a split second you become even worse than it was.

But now it is better because I made you. I understand you, and at that moment you most need understanding, you need it more than ever.

To change the mood, it is necessary to take the state in which you are now. Without the adoption will not be the next stage of change, change. Learn to accept everything that happens to you. Good and bad, dark and light, joyful and sad.

If you can take the next step: the realization that you include in the negative. Negative thinking rut. The habit of thinking negatively. The reaction of the emotional background. subconscious program and so on. d.

You need to constantly examine ourselves as to explore themselves from within. Now I’ll talk about the search key to switch your mood. Key that will enable the reduction does not run your mood.

When we fully examine our car, the computer, the way it works. What files starts. Through which the program is run. You will be very easy to manage themselves.

Usually, people are blindly trying to change something inside, but it comes with a huge amount of effort, waste of energy.

You are already outside, not inside. You have a witness, not the state itself. There will be a momentary relaxation. This is a symptom of out of state. It is important how you call a bad mood. If it is I feel bad, the body runs the program: badly. If the name in the state of not, the mind is confused. And as long as you do not give the name. You do not feel anything. The mind is in limbo. He’s waiting. For example, say, “Thank God that everything is happening.”

Relaxation and run the program. Govern themselves. It’s easy when you exert effort in learning and self-knowledge.

Discover the different work space of your psyche. Watch your thoughts, your feelings for your state and let it all be. After permission, will change the space. Do not hold either for bad or for good fortune.

Let everything be. Sit on a park bench. Breathe fresh air. Stroll. Do not cling to the mind for anything. Give thought to swim, come and go. Train yourself.

Bring skills to switch your mood to your liking. Become a magician to himself.

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