How to strengthen your relationship with your beloved

If your relationship is less enjoyable and you get bored together more often, then it is time they “shake up” and make interesting and strong.

To begin to determine for themselves what actions will help you to strengthen relations and to diversify them. And we, in turn, will help you make this selection in the basic rules of life to strengthen your connection.

1. Replenishment Rule

Do not think that if you are with your loved ones together, the work is no longer needed on the relationship. If even one of you stop doing it, then the relationship will dissolve like all impermanent on our planet.

How to strengthen the relationship with lyubimym2

How to strengthen your relationship with your beloved

2. Rule territory

Do not give all of myself without a trace relationship. Your choice – just a part of your life, but not all of it. Each of the two of you should have a personal territory, their interests, and so forth. We need to live their lives by staying the person, first of all.

3. The rules of the road

Movement is life. If you are bored with your partner, do not cease to grow. It is, incidentally, is also concerned. Always continue to keep pace with the modern world.

4. Rule trust

You can not bind itself and elect to do so itself. Each should have its own space, as mentioned above. And you and he should live and develop not only relationships. And if a person is not able to simultaneously store and loyalty and have their own territory, then think about it, why is it needed?

5. The rules of addition

In addition to personal, you should be with your loved ones and even a common space, comfortable for both. It must combine the intellectual, physical and emotional backgrounds. And we’re not in the total housing, or children, as you know.

Take these rules on arms and bravely go to their goal – to make a relationship with a person dear to you strong and interesting, by all means!

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