Husband got a loveer

Men tend to succumb to their impulses and start novels on the side. But what about the wife who became aware of this fact? How to curb your emotions and find the right solution in this situation, read in our issue.

Another appeared

While everything is kept secret, the man lives happily, thinking that the appearance in his life of another woman will never be known to his wife. In his thoughts there are no plans for leaving the family, he is happy with everything.

But why does a mistress need such a relationship? – Love! She at first thinks that she can live like that, but then she becomes attached. Jealousy engulfs her, and she wants her wife to know everything, and she could take her place. The man does not count on this and this discourages him.

What does a man need?

Most of all men are afraid of female criticism. And struggling with these fears, he tries to please both his wife and his mistress. He comes up with all sorts of stories for both one and the other. Such games continue until it is exposed. And then the fun comes.

Husband got a mistress

Husband got a loveer

Who is better?

The wife is full of confidence that in this unequal struggle, of course, she and the children will win. And the guilty husband assented her in this. But she doesn’t stop spending time with her lover. Which, in turn, begins to wage a strategic war for its chosen one. Her actions are more balanced and thought out, because she essentially has nothing to lose.

The wife, in fear of losing her usual way of life, begins to act aggressively, causing scandals and threatening her husband. And this gives the opposite effect and the man chooses the one with which he is calm and comfortable.

How to behave?

The most correct move for a wife in this case is to take up your life. You need to switch from everyday life and find yourself hobbies to your liking, a new social circle and activity. Also, you should pay attention to yourself, as a woman, to take care of your appearance and body care. By rearranging priorities in your favor, you will realize that everything that happens in life is for the better. And if you do not know what to do, relax and do not waste your strength.

A new stage in life

Paying attention to yourself, humble yourself and accept the idea that the husband can go to another, no matter how hard it is. Preparing for this will benefit you, it will be easier to survive the breakup. If the decision about the future of your relationship is delayed, do it yourself. Do not shake your nerves and put an end to it. New doors open where old ones close.

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