What to do after sex

Sex, of course, is important and useful for the full health of every person. Of course, the intimate side of a person’s life is very funny: all kinds of games, foreplay, costumes, etc. Sexual experience can be both rich and not very. But, like everything else, the process of proximity ends. And few know how to behave further and what to do. But this intimate affair also has its own rules that must be followed.

Water and sex

Making love “from the heart” you certainly managed to sweat pretty much. Therefore, the water balance is slightly disturbed and needs to be restored. As expected after each workout, you need to drink water. It’s not about headlong flying after relaxing to the refrigerator and drowning out the water, no. Just take a couple of sips of water that you can put by the bed. And if you decide to continue the tournament, the body will be ready for this.

Probiotics and sex

They are extremely important for women’s health. Probiotics will help keep the condition of a woman’s microflora normal by expelling harmful bacteria. Eat fermented milk products, such as yogurt, for example, and your body will replenish with healthy bacteria.

Toilet and sex

Along with receiving pleasure, in the process of sexual intercourse we exchange bacteria, there is no getting around it. But the structure of the female body contributes to the transfer of bacteria from the vagina to the urinary tract. So visit the toilet and flush them. Try to do this within an hour after sex.

Shower and sex

It goes without saying that after sex we go to the shower. Just do not know that with soap in this case, the genitals cannot be washed. It is also dangerous to take a hot bath immediately after sex. After proximity, the surface of the vagina is very sensitive and there are bacteria that are good for your health. Therefore, it is better to simply rinse with water, this is quite enough.

Lingerie and sex

More precisely, his absence is complete. This is the best health solution. But if you still can’t refuse linen, then choose exclusively natural fabrics. Synthetics forms a greenhouse effect and promotes the development of infections.

What to do after sex

What to do after sex

Communication and sex

Spend more time with each other. Lie on the bed and chat. Discuss sex and find out your wishes, this will benefit in the future.

Hugs and sex

Enjoy the pleasure with a partner and lie in an embrace. Soak in your favorite arms!

Listen to your body

Listen to your body and pay attention to your well-being. After the correct sex, you and your partner should not be hurt.

Follow these simple rules and be healthy and happy!

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