What to do if a friend betrayed?

Faced with the betrayal of a friend, a lot of questions: Why? How to cope with feelings? What to do next? And so on. Answers to these and other questions you will find in this article.

Stress after the incident

Worst of all, when betrayed close people: those from whom you did not expect. And it’s so painful that arises post-traumatic stress: bitterness, resentment and self-pity. It may even gulf sleep and appetite, begin self-flagellation because you trusted the wrong person.

Self-blame is a normal result of the loss of confidence in a loved one because of the betrayal. Even more frightening is that you gain self-doubt. But you should not let so contact with them, what would this not served. This is a good reason to break all relations. Just stop your communication. And try to control their emotions, be higher than this!

Possible reasons

– In general, the reason becomes jealous. The reason is the guy who liked her or him you spend more time than her.

– Lack of respect. Man can not cause pain to someone really appreciates and to whom is attached. In any event, intentional.

-Zavist – another common cause. Perhaps you’re more successful than a friend? Or do you have something that she does not have? There are plenty of reasons to envy: family, work, education, male, house, car and so on.

What to do?

Answer itself the question, are you ready to live the entire life with the “finish” of treachery and be a traitor to close? Can you continue to trust him? If you doubt even one of the items that are torn all sorts of communications.

You can talk to her frankly, it can and ask for forgiveness and admits everything, but as before nothing will.

Do not concentrate all their attention on this case. Resentment will take place, not only cheat yourself and do not lose confidence in the others, closing in itself. Do not be arrogant when confronted with the offender, everyone can make mistakes. If you give her a second chance, do not reveal their secrets to her at once, watch out for the promised changes.

  • Even survived the betrayal, you have every right to decide for itself: to talk to you further with this person or not, to stay friends or just acquaintances. But no matter what, if you’re hurt by this communication, it should be stopped.

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